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Our culture of 'Care with Kindness' is the foundation to all that we do and we place the wellbeing of our team as a priority.

Our culture of ‘Care with Kindness’ is the foundation to all that we do and we place the wellbeing of our team as a priority. 

What this means is that we can adapt a job to you and cater to your specific strengths and interests by finding a role in the clinic that is the best fit for you.  We can accommodate new graduate vets and offer extra support with our ‘New Graduate Program.’ We can also offer great opportunities to experienced vets and nurses, as well as those looking for part time or full-time work.  Given that every practice owner has a family, we are very flexible and understanding when it comes to working around the other commitments that you have in life.  With nine practices, we can also be geographically flexible when it comes to finding the right practice for you. By joining us, you immediately become a member of a diverse community of supportive vets and nurses with a wide range of veterinary and life experience. In fact, one of our directors, Dr Alison Taylor – was awarded ASAVA Practitioner of the Year, so you are surrounded by a great team.  

 Scroll down to hear from some of our team members in the testimonials section. 

For current available positions or to contact us, please follow the ‘employment’ and ‘email’ links below. If nothing we are advertising is exactly what you’re looking for, we would still encourage you to get in touch as we often have opportunities coming up, and there is frequently potential for us to adapt a role to your specific requirements. 

Employment and Testimonials: Welcome



Veterinarian and new practice partner, Googong Veterinary Centre, 1997 grad

“After 20 years of mixed practice in Dubbo, with the encouragement of Alison, I moved my family to Canberra and began work with Capital Paws. The values and support espoused by this group, and in particular their amazing veterinary team, have inspired and mentored this mid-career veterinarian
and allowed him to maintain a passion for this profession. The group’s approach empowers people to become successful vets and vets to become successful people.”



Veterinarian, 2007 graduate

“I moved to Canberra after 10 years in rural mixed practice. I have loved being a part of a team who works together to achieve best practice care for their patients and clients. My role has been flexible to allow me to pursue my areas of interest (medicine and ultrasonography) and I have appreciated the continued support and encouragement to learn and develop my skills. Canberra itself has been a great place to live and I have appreciated having the time to enjoy all it has to offer.”

Saraih Werry.jpg


Veterinarian, 2013 Graduate

“Joining the team at Capital Paws Group has been an incredibly rewarding experience both professionally and personally. Regular professional development meetings, opportunities to learn and grow skills in the areas you’re interested in and regular social opportunities within the group keep things interesting and exciting. Working for a group of people that are available, check in often, actively listen and have a genuine interest and investment in my well-being and that of my colleagues has been a great experience.”



Veterinarian-Manuka Vet Hospital

Accepting a position at Manuka Vet was one of the best decisions I ever made. There is so much to learn your first year out of university, and as a new graduate, I was really nervous about starting my veterinary career. The team at Manuka was amazingly supportive. With their guidance, I learned how to confidently manage a surgical caseloads as well of lots of common medical issues. The other vets were always happy to discuss my cases with me, and encouraged me to ask lots of questions. Within six months, I felt much more confident about my abilities than I had expected.
It was also great to work with a team who genuinely like each other. The vets and nurses at Manuka treat each other with respect and kindness even in the most challenging times, and I think that positive attitude really makes a difference in how you feel at the end of the day.
If you get the opportunity to work at Manuka Vet Hospital I would highly recommend you jump at the chance.

Manuka vet 2.jpg
Employment and Testimonials: Meet the Team
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